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I was wondering why the hebrew thread is no longer exist?
pawn Код: CMD:checkgod(playerid,params[]){      if(pInfo[playerid][pLevel] >= 1)      {        new id,Float:x, Float:y, Float:z;        if(sscanf(params, "u", id)) return SendClie...
Use selectable textdraws. This tut can be usefulll for you [made by Hiddos] -
It is possible, there you go made by Y less put this above OnPlayerText pawn Код: ReColor(text[]){    new        pos = -1;    while ((pos = strfind(text, "(", false, pos + 1)) != -1)   ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Swindle About: It is a simple easy to make, mask system. It took me about 5 minutes cause I had some people ask. So I just made it and im share it with you gu...
The main public is OnPlayerDisconnect its splitted for 3 cases : case 0 : timeout / crash case 1 : leaving / /q case 2 : kicked Check out the public and try to figure out what's wrong. You can po...
I dont think thats what causing the crash though. Show us the log.txt please.
Show the DeliverVehicles stock. And try using a ! and return look below at the code Код: CMD:deliverwep(playerid, params[]) { if (IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 10.0, -1064.62, 4535.35, 5.56...
pawn Код: if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pHouse] != INVALID_HOUSE_ID && PlayerInfo[playerid][pVIP] <2)                {                    SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_G...
looks more like a chicken fight no offend
What? You can stop the bots easily mate. Search in your admin control panel for the registering settings, inside there you need to find a way to add your own question into the registeration process. ...
Sure, update here if you need anything else.
About that circule you can use the stock I gave you [/pawn] If(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 5.0, x,y,z)) Force(playerid); [/pawn] As for the "player2" shooting from a vehicle you can use pawn ...
this on top of script pawn Код: new subscribeds;new racers[MAX_PLAYERS]=-1; The timer forward RaceTimer(numero); pawn Код: public RaceTimer(numero){    new str[50];    new Float:pX,Float...
I dont understand you though I can bet its working. But I did make a mistake there pawn Code: if((pInfo[i][pAdminlevel] => 1) should be only one (. edited
I dont think that SA-MP staff deal with these kind of things. Yeah, having a copy sucks.
Probably using sided filterscript as anticheat.
Did you try to remove timer[playerid][CityHallTimer] ? Give it a try and use only SetTimerEx("CityHallTimer", 30000, false,"i",playerid); PM me if you need more help into it.