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This codebase is not currently being maintained as I'm not currently active on SA-MP to make necessary changes. The repository is still available on GitHub if anyone wants to contribute through a pull...
The building was introduced in SA-MP, it is not native within GTA San Andreas. MTA does not have it.
The error is right on point, there is no cache active because it isn't forwarded to a callback. mysql_pquery uses threading, which means a separate callback should be used for handling results. See S...
There are many things wrong with this: You're looping through all weapon slots. Do you want to drop all of them? You're defining new variables every loop, this is bad practice. Declare them prior to ...
So you don't even bother applying basic security measure to outdated account files? You just leave it out there in plaintext?
Quote: Originally Posted by sOflY In SAMP 0.3.DL-R1, actors can move by using this animations: Code: ApplyActorAnimation(actorid, !"ped", !"WALK_drunk" ,4.1,1,1,1,0,0); ApplyActorAnimatio...
Using this right now. Looking to hire you ASAP. 10/10.
Quote: Originally Posted by bookknp Im looking for this exactly: I don't know, you can try spawning a trolly model (use AddStaticVehicle) wi...
Trains on SA-MP 0.3 are dependent on tracks, and I don't think the mid-road rails are enabled, making this sadly impossible without client modification/something such as SAMP+ (it doesn't have this f...
Problem is it checks if you're ABOVE that level, rather than below it. Also randomly spitting out code isn't helping somebody in a Scripting Help section, even if it worked. Go over why it doesn't wo...
Interesting concept. Really interesting.
Seems cool, some things: Not sure if it meets your goals/mission, but maybe optional chatlog saving? Multiple other clients have it, would also be a welcome addition. Introduce an option to change re...
You can use sprites within a TextDraw to show a custom texture from 0.3.DL. See:
This isn't a support forum for that app and it isn't official nor is it endorsed by the SA-MP Team. You will need to post on its thread (if it has one) or contact the apps developer directly.
For more detailed reporting, you can #include crashdetect while compiling and also compile with the -d3 flag. Regardless, your issue is this: Код: (65535, 2500) 65535 is the definition for INVALID...
Quote: Originally Posted by Josh_Main Thanks, but I'm a little confused. Does the cuffs include script matter if it compiles with the above errors? Because when I try to compile my actua...
71 is not compiled alone, it is not built for plug and play but for your script (although it works across scripts since it uses pvars). Include it and use the SetPlayerCuffed function in your g...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ducati You could use this if you're trying to send the command for individual players Код: COMMAND:fakecommand(playerid,params[]) { new TargetID, comma...
Is a GTA/client limitation outside of normal map boundaries IIRC.
Who says ~50 CPU usage is a bad thing, and why are you concerned about it? I hate to be that guy, but you should not expect good performance with "free ultra-h server".