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Keep changing resolution, I think it will work. Like set it to the maximum x32 if it was x16 I think kind of this problem happened to me and I kept using different resolutions till it worked.
I ad an old version of streamer, updated it and it does not run on the server, it fails to run, i tested it on my own PC and it worked. the gamemode includes were updated, I have directx and net frame...
I get errors from this line, any help? PHP код: CMD:gov(playerid, params[]) {     if(IsACop(playerid) || IsALVMPDCop(playerid) || PlayerInfo[playerid][pMember] == 6 || PlayerInfo[p...
Is there any possible way to freeze the vehicles up on an object to avoid letting them fall? SS:
Quote: Originally Posted by JacobTr There should be a line in your FS at the top saying #define Filterscript. Remove it and put anything that was under OnFilterScriptInit under OnGameModeI...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mikeydoo Yes it should go under OnGameModeInit(). Correct me if i'm wrong, you want to take content from a filterscript and insert it in an already running game...
I want to move a script from a filter script to a gamemode, the lines under PHP код: public OnFilterScriptInit() {  Should go under>>? PHP код: public OnGameModeInit() { ...
Код: E:\Official Server\filterscripts\coins.pwn(48) : error 035: argument type mismatch (argument 1) E:\Official Server\filterscripts\coins.pwn(49) : error 035: argument type mismatch (argument 1)...
The question is how to display the ammount of gears in the textdraw?
How to display a text for player under the cash ammount for example of "Coins system" like: Код: CMD:mygears(playerid, params[]) { format(sstring, sizeof(sstring), "\t%s 's Gears ammount:\...
This is amazing, +rep you made a great stuff bro.
I added some textdraws and it works only on the top of screen, or anywhere else expect the bottom, the textdraw does not appear there, How to fix that? =rep for help. Thank you.
I tried but it does not work.
How to play an AudioStreamForPlayer without showing him the link of it? Is it possible?
It loads from server.cfg
The mapping works fine on the server, after one hour all the mappings disappear, I am using it in a filterscript, help please.
I want to make a time like a rest for a command, example: PHP код: CMD:fish(playerid, params[]) {     if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pFishes] > 5)     {         SendClientMessage...
I got this errors: Код: E:\Official Server\gamemodes\ggrpv1a.pwn(87380) : error 017: undefined symbol "year" E:\Official Server\gamemodes\ggrpv1a.pwn(87381) : error 017: undefined symbol "reason" ...
Thank you it works., +rep