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Quote: Originally Posted by Saurik Rofl.. still down.. They promised to be up on monday and they are still not up. Jihost barely posts on forum now and avoids this topic. The customers ar...
Hello, yes but OVH blocked access so now we have to wait Monday, and their working hours to get our access restored.
We have been under strong DDoS attack since Monday, and we still are.
Just to give this a quick update, you should note we are offering limit support during Easter weekend, and as people above said, if grandlarc is working fine, then it's obviously your issue.
As people above said, contact us and we'll look into it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yordan_Kronos Yes but when you answear my host will be closed As I have already said, we are receiving a lot tickets daily, and it takes some time to serve a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Yordan_Kronos i apply support ticket before 7 hours Be patient, once of our support members will answer soon with detailed information on what's wrong. Peopl...
It's probably script regarded. As I have already said, this is not our support forum, please communicate with us over a support ticket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yordan_Kronos Why this load Grand Larency mode .. not my mode : ( You have to upload your mod, and edit server.cfg. Please contact us for further information...
You can access your control panel by logging into your account, and visiting Server Dashboard.
Nothing! You server should have been automatically set up!
Quote: Originally Posted by SA+MP May i know y. and when i can add credit to it? Because they are doing something, I don't know what. But you can still purchase things over a button, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by SA+MP Can i know how to add credit to onebip pls... You can't do it at the moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by SA+MP when i trying to add i cant add . i lost 60 DHs From Onebip how can i get my money back.. I'm not sure what you were trying to do, anyway you should co...
33 If you can register, it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by [UE]Milan LOl 25 $ ? you call that cheap ? Whats the starting price of VPS in domvps? If it's a windows platform, yes it is cheap.
Just as people above have said. Your hostname is, username and password are given in filemanager page, and you are leaving port empty.
OneBip is maybe not the best solution, but it's absolutely great method for people with no credit card. Everyone has a mobile phone these days. And it's boosting company earnings and amount of clients...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bect Код: warning 217: loose indentation It is something bad ? No, it's just message warning you your lines are not aligned right.
I'm sure he thought