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TIL that you can use %<int> to tabulate (/t). Currently seeing what else you can use it on. Seems it adds spaces per int (%06s will add 6, %12s will add 12 etc). pawn Code: if(strcmp(cmd, "/t...
Why have you got spaces in your column names?
Why are you registering players via HTTP? You're creating more issues than you're solving. Particularly sending passwords via HTTP. You're doing it the most ass-backwards way possible.
Код HTML: new number = 600; printf("%06d", number); You're looking for the 06 part of the code above. It tells the function to pad zero's on up to the (n)th digit. pawn Код: %0(n)<...
Like this? pawn Код: SELECT `username`,`score` FROM `players` ORDER BY `score` ASC LIMIT 10 Selects and orders top 10 players by score asc (1, 2, 3 etc). EDIT: Found a useful tutorial on the SQ...
Holy shit. Why in gods name are you redefining SendClientMessage(); as SCM? Your gTeam needs to be global since it looks like you're using it as an indication of the players team (i feel you've cop...
Would this be of any use? Quote: Originally Posted by bartekdvd Here is an example: pawn Код: #include <a_samp>bool:HasAnimationApplied(playerid, animlib[], animname[]){    n...
Yeah don't do what DeMoo posted. Bad idea. OnPlayerUpdate(); is called 30 times a second. Its pointless checking this way. As for what you want; You might want to do it via a one second timer, loo...
Just a couple of things Dayrion, IsPlayerConnected(); is useless since it checks players connected.
No, you would not. Simply comparing both ID's stored in the array would suffice. As for your issue, you need to specify a destination size, since you're storing the info in an array. Like so: edit: ...
Why are you saving GUN(n)OWNER as a varchar? Simply compare the ID's of the owner ID, to the apparent gun owner.
pawn Код: new PlayerText:LoginExitTD[MAX_PLAYERS]; pawn Код: LoginExitTD[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(...); Read more here. Every LoginExitTD becomes LoginExitTD[playerid].
Do you have SSH access? pawn Код: apt-get install lib32stdc++6 Make sure you also have the .so extension in the plugins name. pawn Код: plugins
Looks like you've miscounted the columns you're trying to insert. pawn Код: [13:15:51] [ERROR] error #1136 while executing query "INSERT INTO `PLAYERS` (`USERNAME`, `PASSWORD`, `SALT`, `SCORE`, `...
They're being parsed, you're just not actually showing the second parameters. pawn Код: SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, params[1]);
What version of the plugin are you using? R40+ pawn Код: mysql_log(ALL); //Creates folder/files in /logs/ R39(ish) pawn Код: mysql_log(LOG_ALL, LOG_TYPE_HTML); //Or log_type_text. HTML is e...
Does the value of pawn Код: sscanf(params, "s[25]I(-1)I(-1)"); Not work?
Remove the slash (/), or escape it.
Are you using YSI just for foreach? There's a standalone version here
pawn Код: if(strcmp(inputtext,pass, false) == 0) return ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_LOGIN, DIALOG_STYLE_INPUT, "Login Information", "Please Enter Your Password, You Have Entered Wrong Passwo...