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oh fuck, so the conspiracy theory was true, holy shit, I actually didn't expect Y_Less to do something like this. This is what happens with every dictatorship, someone eventually rebels, this is why y...
Quote: Originally Posted by Riddick94 May I be banned with a "retardation" reason please? Thanks in advance! lmao
Well I was dumbledore and she was hermione and you can imagine the rest
Quote: Originally Posted by Tamer I am an INFJ, which is a very difficult thing to live with. I never feel complete or partly in my own self because I am always drowning in my thoughts and...
Код: CMD:m(playerid,params[]) { new text[128],carid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid); for(new tt = 0; tt < sizeof police_vehicles; tt++) if(gTeam[playerid] == Police && carid == police...
Time travel will never be possible. We might be able to create simulations that will be able to predict the future with extreme accuracy, as well show more details of the past. But changing those even...
That's pretty interesting, VACnet for samp
Quote: Originally Posted by ConnorW If russian section would be gone, then samp would have 1-2k players in the server list. Nah, according to Kalcor, most SA-MP player's don't browse th...
Kalcor does whatever he wants with this forum (which makes sense why someone would try to replicate SA-MP..). JewTube not aligning with my ideologies? banned, people still posting jewtube videos? whol...
Quote: Originally Posted by tHeMrMeGa Kalcor, I am speaking directly, I apologize for being rude, RW: MP is from Russian developers, and in Russia everything is so good, because of you can...
I'm not a detective or anything but if I had to guess, this guy is the thief
Quote: Originally Posted by v1k1nG Pressing a keyboard button IS NOT playing a musical instrument. Your can be a good "song" and all but you don't play any instrument at all, instead you j...
happy getting 1 year closer to death day
lmao so many people got banned in this thread. I know Kalcor has always been strict, but goddamn when did he literally turn into hitler pls no ban
Nice work, you should do these kind of mods with other skins, like put the police uniform on different skin ids
Quote: Originally Posted by marianajuarez nice signature bro