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Quote: Originally Posted by Slice Thank you Hello sir, I received this error Code: Error 069: Feature denied
Woah, this code is revolutionary! Very cool. Who would have thought that the solution to this problem was really simple :O Said my brain on drugs lmao.
Crazybob\'s server brought me here a long^8 time ago
Quote: Originally Posted by Variable™ Thanks for including my name, It's been an honour <3
It's not the forum rules that needs an update.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichiCZ What do you mean? What he/she meant is that you should update the player score data in the command itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by XStormiest Nice song choice, lol. This is a cool ideea and maybe of good use for some servers. Well done. hehe xD, if you don't know the title, it's This Gam...
GPS Bullet 0.9 By Jiizutin Kiru (MicroKyrr) This is my second FS, I'm certain there are inefficient codes I've written. I went back to scripting a week ago (I left SA:MP in 2016) and saw the opportuni...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahmate yes but do you have some gm that is good i cant search about 2 hours to find good gm lmao Good...
Use crashdetect plugin so you can show us the error messages.
Maybe your audio message is off, try /audiomsg. If your audio stream is not working, there is something wrong with your script.
Ask yourself first, "what would be my gamemode be?" "Can I start my gamemode from scratch based on my ability?" for useful guides
Use CODE tags, tnx. Quote: Originally Posted by fiki574 Bruv, it's so good it cured my eye cancer. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by akib Код: error 033: array must be indexed (variable "-unknown-") Код: if(number == 511) { // do something return 1; } P.S...
Код: if(strval(number)=="511"){ Try this Код: if(number == 511){ You don't need the strval and the quotation marks, you are already using sscanf.