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Nice map for a beginner. You should try covering all the sides with buildings
Yes just show one first, then the one that you want to be shown above it second.
Link is broken already? =/ I really liked your old one, see if this one is any better.
Can I have a pastebin link please?
Quote: Originally Posted by McKinley Could you explain the people a little bit more? I don't think they'll download or even install it with no information! What's more to explain? You ...
Quote: Originally Posted by McKinley Do you mean how to create an explosion? This is the code: pawn Код: CreateExplosion; (); Make sure you need the X,Y,Z codes and timer. I detect a b...
Nice but the prisoners could just jump the entry gate?
Quote: Originally Posted by FS}Nameless [LDR ] well i want the file to create a file not open one =P Well then ... It doesn't hurt to search...
1 Note: 268 is in the bad skins list, but it works.
Use this, then basically the rest of your code inside it. pawn Code: if (newstate == PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER || PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGER) {
Error with the script probably, is it new? (The Gamemode)
Wtf? Release the script or don't bother posting.
Owners that aren't spoiled little 12 year old's. Textdraws (That are used well), the use of a lot of the functions and callbacks. When you think you've seen everything in the server, you stumble upon ...
Quote: Originally Posted by [B2K Hustler ] There is a more easier way of doing it. This was already posted a long time ago, which i also use on my server. Anyways here it is: pawn Код: for...
Untested. pawn Код: #define NAME1 "Abernethy ftw" // Change this to the first name#define NAME2 "Abernethy for t3h win" // Change this to the second name#define TIME 5*1000 // 5 Secondsnew bool:Name;...
Quote: Originally Posted by [SU BP13 ] Go to Control Panel > Appearance > Effects and change Smooth edges from standard to ClearType. or Right click desktop > Properties > App...
Quote: Originally Posted by _Vortex Try looking for it in task manager and then end it? I just opened it and closed it without any problems. It is closed. It's changed all my fonts. Li...