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There are already like thousands of topics like this lol Go ahead if you want to create it and don't waste ur time. If you have doubts u r just not ready for it
Sorry, idk if this topic goes here Some years ago i remember using music in a server with a link from *******. Just adding something to it, it would become mp3. If u used that link in the browser it w...
Is it possible to detect the player's nearest street?. Would it work if I create nodes all over the city and check the nearest one?. Give me some ideas, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE As far as I know, Spain now has its dedicated forum. What's stopping you to do your tutorials and post them there? It's not the same, I mean you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konverse Real pro duelers usually time their reload shot every 5 - 6 bullets before switching their guns especially to fast cbuggers. Might be since Russians ar...
Just generate the number anda save it in a variable. Whenever u want to use that number just use the variable
I like the idea but joining DM and RP isnt a good idea, I mean one of this both gamemodes will be predominant rather than the other.
Some people prefers to DM unlike other players(with this I mean there re some really skilled players)... For me it's legit, its cbug isnt fast as a script may be and he changes his desert before runni...
Код: CMD: setadmin(playerid, params[]) // Delete the space between the ":" and the "s", because in forum it creates a emoji { if(!IsPlayerAdmin(playerid)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_...
Quote: Originally Posted by UnDerBY Estas poco loco que te van a pagar esa cantidad hahaha. Bienvenido a samp
No se en que me afecta no poder escribir g00gl3 o f4c3b00k xd
- Usa esta funcion - Код: if(TuVariable[MAX_PLAYERS] >=1) { } Supongo que si leistes las guias vas a saber que hacer xd
Quote: Originally Posted by 0xWade No ayude...
People are constantly searching for a unique server, at least that's what I do, so for my point of view, it would be a nice idea
lol keep going like that boy I think I play since 2012 or maybe 2011
Te recomenderia que uses el ingles, el espaсol en samp no te ayudara mucho Creo que la mayoria que denominaria buenos aca, saben ingles o se manejan. Por lo menos usa traductor