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Quote: Originally Posted by NoxxeR It's a drag and drop fix he posted, you dont need ASI loader with this. Just put the files in gta sa directory and you will have widescreen fix. Wor...
Is this a drag 'n drop fix or do I need an ASI loader or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Variable™ vlang Initial Release - Last Update: 9/6/2020 Sometimes I wanted to translate my game script in multiple languages and for all the features I have,...
Another 5 start contribution form you again, you're an inspiration, keep it up mate
Happy Birthday! Quote: Originally Posted by Pottus Just waiting for the next big release as there is plenty of features that would make another breakthrough is what makes SAMP fun. Wai...
This whole thing sounds like a troll to me, but if you want an honest response, a game that's 15 years old shouldn't be that demanding for today's standards. I used to have an old desktop that had som...
Quote: Originally Posted by Logic_ MySQL is faster than SQLite but that all also depends on your database and how you manage it. I run a query every month that deletes accounts inactive f...
Amazing, isn't there a way to automate this rather than adding other values manually?
Pretty dope stuff man, I'd like to see that repository grow to have more vehicle customizations.
Have a look at this:
One way you could do it is: Write a PHP script that fetches metadata about your SA:MP server, using something like SampQueryAPI. Associate your HTML page with some javascript code that gets your ser...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flakeyy Well, my mother is a programmer and my father is a networker. I guess I just grew up around it. I started coding (not very good, but something) when I ...
You are better off creating all the factions in the same table and link each one of them to some other table, after all, MySQL's power resides in its descriptive nature of being called a relational da...
Simply add a “WHERE” clause for the query to work properly. PHP код: UPDATE giftboxd SET `GiftBoxMoney`='%s' WHERE {something} = {something}  Note that the “something” fie...
It took me longer to realize it wasn't some new introduced operator, really interesting and I bet there could be multiple cases of the same trick.
Don't mix up object ids with model ids. Check for any mixed up values in both the database and the loaded objects.
Amazing, this version really sets a new ceiling in terms of creativity.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gforcez I never used Edge, and even if Microsoft comes with a new browser running on Chromium, I will probably not use it. I have everything in my Chrome both p...