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Quote: Originally Posted by SimonItaly But why? 0.3d is almost 6 years old. Because our community has a server in all samp versions.
Hey guys, hope you're doing well. I have a server on 0.3d version with IRC system ( and it works well. Two bots, join the irc server and the sp...
If you mean you want to stop the sound when the player is leaving the vehicle, Use this code. This callback will be called when the player leaves any vehicle he is in, and you can stop the audio for...
You are using a global timer which doesn't set anyone's Spawn info or skin because you didn't give the function the playerid. Use Код: SetTimerEx("spawn",1000, false, "i", playerid); instead of ...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopeboy1040 Guzs Its Load But Commands Not work ? Its Compile Properly ?? "AdminScript" Filterscript Is Working and Other Admins FS is Not working Why ?? I m ...
It's not always from a missing bracket, check if a line is too long and make it shorter and then try compiling. This tutorial may also help you.
Greetings, I've got this problem in my gamemode, It worked very well previous time I compiled it, and now some commands aren't working. I don't know much about this errors. Anyone can help? I've got a...
Quote: Originally Posted by X337 Oh cool lol, I didn't check this out because I only used to download samp files from it, thanks a lot!
Sup y'all? Alright as the topic says, I was looking for Kalcor's VCMP (Not stormeous' one) and I'd like to know if anyone has the client of it and the server pack as well. I'd be grateful also I wi...
Quote: Originally Posted by iLearner You c*nt he means the warning, hate when people try to be over smart. Read the first reply again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Logic_ It's related to the SSCANF, dude. Nice, I see you use functions like PutPlayerInVehicle by sscanf. Awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkNelson Hello, do you updated your sscanf plugin? and includes? Seriously? this isn't related to SSCANF plugin dude... @Sumit, open your file in ...
Try now. Код: CMD:quitjob(playerid, params[]) { if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pDonator] >= 2) { if(isnull(params) || !IsNumeric(params)) { SendClientMessage(player...
You probably used it outside of a set of brackets, use them under a callback or move it to the right place it should be. EDIT: It should be under "public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)".
Hello everyone; As you can see the Subject, I wanted to talk about a complete and well made gamemode. I've my own server and my own gamemode which is made from scratch and 0 too 100 by myself, I am r...
Already using it and It's the best SA-MP Switcher which has been made untill now; Good job.
You are defining vehicleid with arguments and no function is being used, you must use a function there. Example: new vehicleid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid); but if you show more than the line, it'...