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Try this, use strcmp to compare strings instead of "==". Code: if(strcmp(Account[i][Username], name, true) == 0) { SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_ERROR, "Someone is already connected with this a...
Mind showing how your tables are structured? Can't really help you out if we don't know.
Quote: Originally Posted by hatcis Im just trying it cause theres any system that i want to try. So theres no way to fix it sir? There are ways of doing it, my guess would be that any t...
It has nothing to do with models, you're using a gamemode from 2009 ( which has not been adjusted for the newer versions of SAMP. Not sure WHY you w...
Put them onto your server and try it, make sure you upload the up to date plugin to your server too.
Quote: Originally Posted by vikoo no idk and when i change the streamer i got more errors and idk how to get the correct streamerfor my gamemode Go with the latest version, make sure yo...
Do you know which version of the streamer plugin you are using?
Quote: Originally Posted by vikoo iam already using them and i wanna ask for some thing in server.cfg what's the correct one? with (.so) or without it? this or this? If you're us...
This is (usually) due to mismatching plugin versions and includes. Use the same version of the streamer include and plugin when you compile.
Can you provide server logs from the startup? Could be a case of mismatching plugin versions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Variable™ If the problem can be fixed easily why to implement it to the client? Unless you wanna wait a year for another release. It's a client side fix. U...
You need to return 0 in OnPlayerText if you're trying to handle chat yourself.
Without any context it's hard to say. Does your server use MySQL to save player drug counts? If so you could use a query like this Код: SELECT `Username`, `Drugs` FROM `users` ORDER BY `Drugs` DES...
It's possible that you set the zoom wrong on that model (skin id 0 being CJ) in the textdraw. TextDrawSetPreviewRot/PlayerTextDrawSetPreviewRot
This would be a great addition in the new client with people working on servers that utilise custom maps. This and another issue are both addressed in the SAMP addon client plugin/modification (the ot...
Quote: Originally Posted by KinderClans Check his screen, it shows 17:6 which is not a correct time format (12/24 hours). I saw that however, asking to "disable it" doesn't exactly make...
Assuming you're just talking about the text in the corner, remove the "GameTextForPlayer" line in the command (along with any strings that were used to display the text, if you no longer want to use t...
Show a snippet of code where these warnings appear please.
Simple but works, feel free to edit this to your liking. Код: SendTesterMessage(message[]) { for(new i; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if(PlayerData[i][pAdmin] > 0 || PlayerData[i][pTester] &g...
Quote: Originally Posted by Longover How to solve,PLEASE! I don't know exactly, reason why I thought it could be a compiler issue is due to the lack of any output from the compiler and ...