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After upgrade to 0.3 DL my server Timer (SetTimerEx) working not correct on interval. If you set a timer callback on 60s (60 * 1000 or 60000), they will callback on 60s + x seconds, anyone got same pr...
Why not hash these password and compare them with database?
Using Time Stamp with number variables. Example: Quote: new YourVariable; // Stored Date YourVariable = gettime() + 25200 +3600; // 25200 is a fix number to get it sync real time // 3...
This system using custom TXD and sound voice TTS edit by Adobe Audition, let's take a look !
I don't see how long i have to wait for another SA-MP update and got disappointed with cancelled version :/. Quote: Player skins use ranges: 20000 to 30000 (10000 slots) Actually...
Please add more keys dection for OnPlayerKeyStateChange
Is possible to add new animation into GTA-SA though SA-MP? On 0.3.8 we have server-side feature with custom model made me some ideas about animals in GTA-SA world. But all of current animation doesn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddin Can I ask you how did you make this message icon in the corner, is it custom .txd? It's not custom TXD, using / \, v symbol and two box textdraw the...
I'm worried about our custom model can be steal on cache folder. If we want to create your own custom model then we need something to protect it, map can even steal by map private and now we have anot...
I though we have abandoned T_T
Hi, i am currently in the process of rewriting my gamemode and I have a good idea about the dealership for RP servers that can be applied. Here is the complete version about it.
I like the way u using SA-MP textdraw, perfect design and creative.
Quote: Originally Posted by [eLg]elite Are you trying to use GMX to restart your server only, or are you trying to switch to another gamemode? GMX is for switching gamemodes and therefore ...
Quote: Originally Posted by X337 Make sure you close mysql connection under OnGameModeExit using mysql_close() I did it already bro :/
Hi, i got some problem with gmx console, my server crashed while using that function. How to fix that issues? There is log with crashdetect, thank you ! Quote: Console input: gmx [28/03/2...
What are these parameters? and where to see that list. Thank you Quote: 300, lapdna, lapd1, COP, STAT_COP, swat, 1FFF, 0, null, 9,9, PED_TYPE_EMG,VOICE_EMG_LAPD1 ,VOICE_EMG_LAPD8