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Someone already tried that, it didn't work.
1)If it's a linux server make sure you have .so after the plugin name and 2)Make sure you have a gamemode0 "yourgm" in the server.cfg
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan_Bowe I'm slowly turning away from gaming entirely, it's just time to grow up. When you have free-time it's good to play, because what else are you going...
samp.ban is the file in your server files that the IP saves into, just simply delete the lines and save and re-load it.
Quote: Originally Posted by DGRP Nah, not using raven's... I want only the admins can use them/Faction members. Make the command in the GM not in a filterscript, because your gamemode h...
Moderators are very useful when you have over 100+ players. Admins can deal with hackers and mega-rule breakers and overlook moderator's work.
EA released SimCity 2000 on Origin for Free. I know it's nothing big but just a heads up if you are a SimCity fan. Early Christmas present. Only 85mb too Here
Quote: Originally Posted by rymax99 - A Linux-only 1 core would more than likely serve you just fine, that is if you have Linux knowledge. If you're looking for som...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wizdo this is how i programme You look like you have a miserable and depressing life.
pawn Код: public OnUnoccupiedVehicleUpdate(vehicleid, playerid, passenger_seat, Float:new_x, Float:new_y, Float:new_z){    new Float: vehiclepos[4];    GetVehiclePos(vehicleid, vehiclepos[0], ...
It's a include to stop .pwn leaks.
Quote: Originally Posted by devil shill Mind giving me a little help as im not to experienced with that part :S Read the documentary in the streamer plugin and learn from there.
You have to convert to OnPlayerEditDynamicObject.
No-one will donate to you. Sorry.
Not bad I guess. You should try using different materials to make it look more modern and better looking.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeGGGeNNdA I think that SA-MP won't get involved with that, afterall we got enough roleplay servers here. So why spamming GTA 5? I agree with this guy.