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Quote: Originally Posted by SickAttack Your signature is bigger than Trump's wall. Teach him! Just deal with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE Honestly, dude are you for real? I don't want to be an asshole, but a simple ****** search will get you all the answers you need. This forum is not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hunud How i can make a good colored signature example when i release something or smth! Any example! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Calgon why am i not surprised u like wrestling Quote: Originally Posted by KingHual im not retarded i only like turkish oil wrestling Like you...
Since alot of people here use ps4 i thought its better to ask here. I havent used consoles much so i have no idea about some features and about the games. First thing first, i got a ps4 with no games ...
You will regret going for iPhone soon or later.
Quote: Originally Posted by Luis- Yep, there's a big red button to let you record your voice. Thanks mate. Thank you all
Quote: Originally Posted by Luis- Audacity. It does both the features? once i used it to remove the background noise years ago but never seen a feature to record.
1. Check whether you used the write version of plugins as you used in windows. 2. Make sure to put .so extension for linux 3. Libraries, VPS needs some libs to make plugins work, so just do an update ...
As the topic says i'm in need of a good voice recording software, if anyone could suggest me one? And we all know when we voice record there would be the background distraction noise, for that also im...
Could anyone please do a little photoshop for me as its really urgent, infact i dont have photoshop installed nor to use. Just a face morphing. If anyone could help me, please let me know.
Kiddish game. me? Nah! Meh!
I dont know the new features of samp, ive seen in some servers they've added sound while we shoot anyone, once it hits the body. Can anyone tell me how could that be added?
Quote: cannot read from file: "..\YSI_Internal\y_compilerpass" I know it is missing, i couldnt find YFI to download the latest version. Could someone please give me the link?
Im thinking about creating an apocalypse server, in every five mins the round changes and players will be forced to choose their teams [only 2 teams] but the doubt im having is, is it possible to forc...
So theres no solution?
how to fix this error? Quote: C:\Users\user\Desktop\Server files 3.7\pawno\include\YSI\ : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "..\YSI_Internal\y_compilerpass" Compila...
I guess YG script is also made from scratch but which is awesomely made and non-malicious .