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Quote: Originally Posted by Mencent Hello! Where do you call the callback? I think it's isn't a basic callback, isn't it? You're right. That's not a default Pawn callback.
pawn Code: do  print 'Not possible sorry'end
Quote: Originally Posted by Riddick94 Funny. You should be a comedian. Quote: Originally Posted by BigETI You keep shit...
Quote: Originally Posted by BigETI Are you actually trying to be illiterate and retarded in the internet, or do you have major disabilities in real life? You're an arrogant toxic person...
They didn't stole anything. They just had creativity, except for the "server version" which all they did is to change some include names and the executable files. About the client version, i think S...
Excuse me but i can't see anything special here...just some dialogs with hidden inputtext, however i like the concept.
Quote: Originally Posted by v1k1nG Pressing a keyboard button IS NOT playing a musical instrument. Well that's what DJ's are doing now, lol.
Can someone tell me why this command doesn't work in the way it should? Basically, if i create a faction, it's ID is 1, but if i create another one, it's ID is again 1 and replaces the first faction. ...
Method 1:Check C:\ folder, happened to me once and idk why i found it there. Method 2: If you have the .amx file you can try to decompile it with AmxDecompiler or something like that. Method 3: If n...
Quote: Originally Posted by ****** The warning was: "USE@YSI_Data@y_iterate" Meaning you should use: YSI_Data\y_iterate Not whatever years old version you have there. The includes ...
It's what i'm using...the Kar's version.
I'm having some problems compiling a new.pwn. Quote: : error 017: undefined symbol "_FOREACH_CUR_VERSION" warning 203: symbol is never used: "USE@YSI_Data@y_iterate" ...
Quote: Originally Posted by lollypap54 I’m not that good at maths too, but i think you need to find ratio between vX - playerX and vY - playerY(ratio between distance to a car X, Y coord...
Finally a human readable code, good job! Would be good also a dynamic MySQL faction system.
I need some help to convert this MySQL R39 code to R41-4, i can't figure out how to make it work. pawn Код: cache_get_field_content(f, "salaries_string", query, dbHandle, 256);        sscanf(...