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Quote: Originally Posted by Yukie Great release.. but the samp client is updated to R4 This supports R4.
This is just plain stupid. So much hype for this, then take it away.
I remember there was a program that would take a image, then automatically convert it into a bunch of textdraws. Does anyone know where I can find this? I've scoured around and have not been able to f...
RemoveBuildingForPlayer does not work when I inject the coding into my server. I have it under OnPlayerConnect but it just simply does not remove the objects.
Does anyone know the maximum size a dialog list is? Is there a maximum amount of rows or string length?
Great work. I love playing bed wars in minecraft, aha!
Well as you can tell by the way this samp thread has gone, the forums itself isn't the greatest. There's too much arguing and disagreement, but I do recommend getting back into scripting if you enjoy ...
I feel samp is growing closer towards Garry's Mod RP servers. Just kidding, I think this is great if you pull it off correctly!
Those shitty SCRP rip-off's that close down in a week then reopen. To be honest I don't know why a large portion of the SAMP community create servers just to close one down a week later when the playe...
Make sure you have the correct plugins in your 'plugins' folder as well as in your server.cfg.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zicka Hey, I have a gamemode that I want to run, but when I run it and when I connect to it, it starts Grand Larceny gamemode instead of my gamemode. Why does i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shinja PHP код: toupper(letter);  EDIT: to capitalize whole string PHP код: Capital(string) {     for(new i, len = strlen(string);...
Does anyone know if it is possible to convert a string or message into all capital letters? And before you ask, for what I'm trying to do, I cannot turn on capslock and manually type it all out.
This looks great. I might try my luck with this.
Poor indentation but nevertheless good work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky13 Spawn(playerid); is on top at CleanScreenTimer? If you mean SpawnPlayer(playerid); then yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky13 Hmm can you set the timer to 2 seconds then? Just tried that. Still doesn't work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky13 You should Spawn the player with Spawn(playerid); before Setting the Camera position and his position. I did that and it still does not work. The cam...