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If you need mapper, PM me here or on Skype, check out my signature, Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by linuxthefish I know the people on there, i normally play sa-mp for a chat and drive around with people now than anything else... Same here. i'm playing on 3...
-You should post the codes or i think it's going to be moved/deleted. you could post this on " Screenshots&Videos" section. OT: Good work.
Actually it's not that good, because the stadium entrance doesn't showing it's a stadium place , as it's shows that it's something related to construction thing. I know you can do better next time, g...
Nice, really nice! Keep it up and RIP Paul.
Quote: Originally Posted by SchurmanCQC Create a new user account. Make sure it is an administrator account. Once that account is created, go into your corrupted account. (Or stay in it.) ...
Wow, such an amazing restaurant. - [9/10] Keep it up!
Good job, Keep it up! - [8.4/10]
-You must provide codes in this section or else it's should be removed. so please if you want to post pictures of your map only, you can start a thread on Screenshots & Videos . OT: 7/10