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@WestCoast1337 I do not think there will be any release coming anytime soon. It has been 5 years since a big release was made and a few years since he introduced the other version of sa-mp which allow...
Hey man, nice little filterscript you have here. I understand a lot of people have opinions on where to put your releases however at the end of the day man, it your choice how you release it. As long...
Do you want to have a timer? So that once it is called after like a few secs it closes ? It also should not show up unless you call it. Show the whole signal code
What do you want to do with gametext? Repair it?? Ummm
What so like having a textdraw in the middle and then having textdraw flick around that one?
Use selectabletextdraws, if you show me you have at least tried to make one I'll gladly help.
Im sorry, I do not understand... Do you want something like this SelectableTextdraw or dialog or what?
Currently I am building one with a few developers. We have set beginning pot to 7,500 however we added our own donation currency called coins as Well. Business starting off should be cheap and houses....
Are you vehicles dynamically entered within the server or are they defined within the script like RentalCar[0] = AddStaticVehicle?
he was a kid who threw his toys out of the cot , because he was given a punishment. Rules are rules
As I have started in my free time to code a role play server from scratch completely, I will be building a community around many games but most around the sa-mp server. I will be looking for helper...
Quote: Originally Posted by NoteND Hey! I'm having a Tag Mismatch warning with CreateDynamic3DTextLabel.. bInfo[id][b3DText] = CreateDynamic3DTextLabel(bInfo[id][bName], bInfo[id][bColor...
Quote: Originally Posted by EzeGODezE streamer+sscanf does not work i got the right versions Make sure that your streamer and sccanf is like so in your server cfg file Код: plugins ...
Quote: Originally Posted by benjaminjones are there npc zombies No there is not. However not hard to add a filterscript
Quote: Originally Posted by iLearner Well done Ciandlah and pisd eti. I highly recommend adding images. Cheers man, I'll add some pictures this week
Quote: Originally Posted by tysanio gonna test soon seems a great start for zombie server! Gonna try it to change into mysql Its a very basic YINI saving and loading system, I think i...
Over the past few months I have taken my free time to just do a little project that I was going to continue but however I have lost interest in continuing this project at this current time. I may go ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Calisthenics You could have linked the thread link instead of just copy-pasting and 'claim it as yours'. Reference: