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Quote: Originally Posted by KinderClans Nobody is important. Having a blue label on your nick doesn't make you special or important. Please. It was a joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyle It may be good news that Alex is back but I find it quite rude for him to have not responded to this thread. He's far too important for that now!
Quote: Originally Posted by Unkovic So master? What is the best INI system, lord? If i say someone, i mean someone, not me. Your attitude is horrific.
- I am using Windows. - I downloaded - I put in Pawno -> Include - I put sscanf.dll in Plugins - server.cfg line: "plugins sscanf crashdetect whirlpool" - Script ...
NEIN Can't Germans generally speak English well anyway?
A program on your PC is probably gaining focus (e.g. an update, anti virus, w/e). Is this happening at a certain time every minute or every hour? It could be an update or something trying to get your...
Because there are very few games, if any, that manage to facilitate "every-day" life roleplay which SA:MP is able to.
What are you on? And I mean drugs, not OS. Quote: Originally Posted by OP We need a new Operating System... from scratch. Chop chop.
Well spotted. In Incognito's thread (, I saw this text: Quote: The Windows version requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or high...
Quote: Originally Posted by [UE]Milan Please show your server.cfg Код: echo Executing Server Config... lanmode 0 rcon_password hihi maxplayers 50 port 7777 hostname [0.3z - ENG] 195...
Hello everyone, Haven't visited these forums for quite a while but I need your help if possible. A break-down of my issue: 1. I have my relevant server files on an external hard drive 2. samp-serve...
Didn't you answer your own question by default?
Quote: Originally Posted by fuckingcruse I don't know in which way i am rude.. If this is rude.. i don't know what's going to happen to you in your further future. thanks anyway lol.. S...
No, you're rude. P.s. if you don't have sscanf, you need it.
Okay, the only thing you changed was a variable name and removed an admin check? You're welcome, by the way.
That will just get your own IP every time, and is missing the [number] at the end of "ip" (which is a string). Take mine: Код: CMD:getip(playerid, params[]) { new ip[16], ID, string[128]; if(...
Whatever you want. I don't think anyone really cares that much.
Quote: Originally Posted by BatTom Yes ! When you have a choice of 2, "yes" isn't really an option