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Quote: Originally Posted by TheBlackstone Nice island, I love that small road! Without bumping next time, thanks in advance. :3
Quote: Originally Posted by Manuel550 Dafuq, I've trained in Uithuizen with Bart when he (and me too) was a little boy. Also this gamemode received 5 stars and +reputation from me because ...
Awesome, I've freerunned in Amsterdam with Bart van der Linden a few years ago. Are you also freerunner in real life, or just like to watch peoples doing it on *******? I've given you 5 stars and some...
I'd love it, Its mapped pretty good.
Awesome, but what to do with it?
I see nothing to optimize about this, nice map buddy.
Pirate Server. Same as a COD server but than with custom islands to capture insteed of zones. And using boats to kill other players insteed of using cars.. and to go from island to island by boats. ...
2 English servers with 100 to 500 players online. Los Santos Role-Play ( Next Generation Role-Play ( If you want to view the most recent statics: This websi...
I'll recommend you to view ******* tutorials. In that way I learned the basics, I didn't go ahead afther knowing the basics. But I'm sure that you can come pretty far by viewing tutorials.
Quote: Originally Posted by Schneider You can't format a string within the ShowPlayerDialog-function. You first have to format the string and then show the string in that function: pawn ...