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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.Faqahat Contact your Host, tell them to implement more More CPu Prior on your Server, Or Optimize your server script and files. as i told u , i am hosting...
Quote: Originally Posted by SwisherSweet did this start happeing after u updated to 0.3z? no it was there for a long time ago. Quote: Originally Posted by doreto Optimize yo...
hey guys, when sever get more then 10 players around 70% of cpu get used,then server start lag as hell any idea how to know any part causing this ? i have a vps with 1Gb ram 2cpus
hey guys I want make an templete that show players online etc... I tryed using Westie Api but my Webhost(godaddy) never Allow Sockets. Any one have an idea ?
Quote: Originally Posted by carz0159 like i said. you cant do it.just ignore them theyll get bored and leave. or change ips... Ignore HACKER keep crash players ?
Quote: Originally Posted by DeathTone Then that's impossible, you can't figure out somone's real ip while they're using a proxy. You can "blacklist" the words out of people's hostnames, l...
Quote: Originally Posted by DeathTone Use the DNS Plugin to get their hostname, then just ban them with that and use strfind to see if it's a similar hostname. ummm, Proxy,Vpn
hey guys as you Know 80% of ppl who play Sa-mp Have an Dynimic IP... And they can restart router ,they will get an new ip so he can evad all types of banned So my Suggestion is making an ID for ea...
verry verry good but i can't rep u You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Aloushi again
check in sa-mp folder if announce.exe is there don;t froget 1+rep
first allow it from firewall and router and make samp server can connect throw firewall...
please give us more infromation about that crach
the problem in your gm check if ur gm have all the plugins needed like irc ,,,
first allow the samp from u r firewall then run it as administrationand go to hosted list and check it
i have buy one from and it's verry good and cheap only 25$/month