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Well, if you are using Fallout's streamer, you can adjust the streamer load distance, but I think you cant, if youre using Incognito's streamer
uh.. Weapon, ammos, cookies, foods, perks, vehicles, etc. all under your creativity
@SilverKiller, thanks but I found that I actually needed to remove those brackets and follow the TD from the current function (Say, OnFilterScriptInit), thanks to King_Hual and BigETI for helping me o...
Quote: Originally Posted by SilverKiller Show us the full code of the TD please.. P.S You are trying to make a picture right? A picture on top of some text+bar TDs http://pastebin....
Well, I'm basically creating my own text-draw, but since I made 2 TDs separately, I had to bring the 2nd TD to the 1st TD .pwn file. When I finished everything, I got these errors. Код: (460)erro...
This is mid-2013, and you're still using dini instead of Y_INI?
what's the object ID for the green lasers? I might make good usage out of this, good job!
Is the minigames code separate? Because I think you should add the TD code to all of the separate modes (If you have separate modes only!)
Posh map, far than bettee +rep, i'll see if i can rep u on my phone, or iPad 2
Hosting a server with UTORRENT? WATAJA? Try to host with Hamachi, just type Hamachi on ******, and download it
Post this in 'Need a Scripter/Helper?' in the Server Support section, so this is a wrong section to post a thread of
Oh, lal *sigh* Even i am bored ------------- Map something of your own, get innovative ideas and start mapping them, saves time
Quote: Originally Posted by Samp_India Thanks for the feedback guys.Now i use the Map editor for making maps Good job, 7/10 for your first map ------------------- Guys, give him some...
GTA:SA is not supportable with 98, and i think ME too.
Quote: Originally Posted by мυ∂υℓ_вacнα But i cant download the file.Any direct link pleasE ? IT"S ALREADY INSTALLED IN THE WINDOWS OS ( sorry for caps, just to get attention....
What the heck? Re-post when you are done with the script WITH the download link, include the pastebin link too
A hot-air balloon? Wataja? btw, where's the stair to the top?
There's already another shopping in LS, it would be good enough if you can edit that 9/10
Why do you always make SA-MP's one of the best filter-scripts? UWSAMMM BRO