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Steal money , cars and what not! Off topic:- WWE is REAL.....Fake
Hi manideep good for u first one
I had the same problem i think its samp problem , I never WORKED perfect with me
Quote: Originally Posted by LexLuthor Hi all me need to script redirecting server to other server primer my server is redirecting to thanks AHAHAHAHAH!...
Cant specifically get gates ids cant find them
Quote: Originally Posted by $$Money$$ WOw,,Thanks..If i have money i will ask for you to script something ok!! /facepalm
I want to dat loop but how do i do it? (i cant run it if upload it to ftp) how to run?
Reinstall GTA san andreas or some file is corrupt or missing try running by- Right click on e.x.e and run as,(btw reply to my msg to you)
I want the best server restarter which restarts server if crashed and How do i put it in host? (like volt or something) I cant run it even if i uploaded it to ftp so how to do?
Where can i get gate model ids?
You offer sounds good, I would like to have my Roleplay server hosted on your VPS, I won't be using MYSQL and i meet all your requirements posted above, ignore my previous messages to you as I haven't...
I need someone to make a server together with, We''ll need a host ( or u need to be able to bring players. Pm me
Roleplay is the best even kye is fan of it, U can hav the most fun in roleplay servers coz of u can do anything u want it contains all genres freeroam/strategy/dm/tm/racing as rpg so its the vb
What do u mean actually? Make it filterscript so it can merge with urs? Just make global variables in fs and change variable such as padmin to Isanadmin..