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Auto tune for vehicles - Juonis - 28.01.2017


I found include that automatically tunes vehicles (pastebin link: When you sit in any car, I type with command /tune and it tunes it. So why do I need help...
1. It only tunes vehicles but does not remove parts randomly.
2. It only changes color when vehicle you tune vehicle once.

What do I need help with?
1. How can I randomly give different tune parts (not all of them at the same time as this include does)? What do I mean? For example, according to this include Sultan would get full xflow or alien. What I need is; random parts (xflow and alien mixed), no tune (like only wheels or exhaust) or full tune. Like it would give random parts one by one, not all together.
2. Also when you use command /tune again (I have full tune xflow sultan now) so that xflow would disappear and something else would appear (some other tune).

Re: Auto tune for vehicles - Sew_Sumi - 28.01.2017

You found an include that randomly tunes vehicles...

You're not as much asking for help as you are asking someone to script it for you.