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Dynamic Food System [SQLite] - SilentSoul - 23.07.2016

Hi, this is a dynamic food system, where you can create one any where and you may remove them. it saves in SQL database. you don't need any additional files. just this filterscript

- Saving system ( SQLite ).
- Dynamic you may add it any where.
- Choosable actor skin, food machine object, text to attach.
- Easy to edit the food machine object ( with edit object function ).
- Easy to edit script, you may change ( objects, skins, prices, functions, limits ).
- Food menu ( based on textdraw )
- Objects are attached in your hand to look more realistic

Screenshots/ Videos

Youtube Video


Pastebin | Solidfiles (.pwn) | Solidfiles (.amx)

1. Yashas for improved zcmd
2. Incognito for streamer plugin/include
3. Konstantinos for SQLite tutorial
4. adri1 for textdraw editor
5. ****** for YSI library

Re: Dynamic Food System [SQLite] - Jpew - 23.07.2016

Really nice work, i love the menu +r.

Re: Dynamic Food System [SQLite] - Deadpoop - 23.07.2016

Good job!
btw you should add zeex to credits because he is the original creator of zcmd

Re: Dynamic Food System [SQLite] - minhducc - 26.07.2016

Nice textdraw dude!

Re: Dynamic Food System [SQLite] - MaxLucero - 21.08.2020

Hello, it seems very good, maybe it is because now my files are more updated, I would like to try it but I get 6 errors.

Re: Dynamic Food System [SQLite] - Inspiron - 21.08.2020

Looks cool. Especially that menu. Good work!