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Driving Lessons - dicknyson - 04.06.2016

I'm attending my first driving lesson ever on Wednesday. Pretty nervous. Anyone got any tips or advice? :P

I live in England btw. Learning to drive manual.

Re: Driving Lessons - WhiteGhost - 05.06.2016

Watch Some youtube tutorials,when i was gonna drive my parents car for the first time i watch some and i already knew what to do so..

Re: Driving Lessons - Sew_Sumi - 05.06.2016

Don't get hung up on any mistakes you may make... People concentrate on the "Oh shit, I screwed that up", and then keep thinking about it for the entire time they are making 10 other mistakes.

Re: Driving Lessons - Gammix - 05.06.2016

Always neutral when stand by.

Re: Driving Lessons - Sublime - 05.06.2016

Don't let the instructor demotivate you, sometimes they can be a verrrrrrrrrry big dick :c

Re: Driving Lessons - DRIFT_HUNTER - 05.06.2016

Make peace with the fact that your car will shutdown AT LEAST once (and that is the best case), in fact its probably gonna shut down more than a few unless instructor helps you from his side.
If its gasoline and it is or has engine smaller than a 1.6 liters dont be afraid to step on throttle a bit more, specially if its a bigger vehicle (like 4 doors - it needs more power to start moving). If its diesel than its other way around since most diesels increased idle throttle (Usually diesels can start moving by themselves on flat surface just like vehicles with automatic gearbox).

Re: Driving Lessons - BornHuman - 05.06.2016

If driving school is anything like it is in the US where you live then you're in for a boring ride. No pun intended.

Re: Driving Lessons - Ahmad45123 - 05.06.2016

It's not such a big deal.. I learnt myself from a friend just for fun and can drive pretty well..

What I mean is: driving lessons is never harder then history lessons xD

Re: Driving Lessons - KingHual - 05.06.2016

Originally Posted by BornHuman
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If driving school is anything like it is in the US where you live then you're in for a boring ride. No pun intended.
>driving manual


Re: Driving Lessons - ]Rafaellos[ - 05.06.2016

Keep your eyes open, nothing more. "Experienced" drivers are dicks and never follow the driving code.