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Calling a textdraw - Face9000 - 09.10.2015

Ok, i'm developing a mini missions server and i need some info. I made a textdraw (actually for each game) which shows the time left until next mission. I have a sys filterscript which handles everything like login, register, ac and more.

I was possible to create just ONE time the time left textdraw and then call it remotely (maybe with CallRemoteFunction?) in each game? I dont wanna create EVERYTIME for EACH GAME the textdraw. P.S This is not a normal textdraw, this shows the time left so is set a string. Code:

public GameTime()
    if(GameSeconds || GameMinutes)
        if(GameSeconds <= -1)
        new TimeString[64];
    return 1;

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Re: Calling a textdraw - Unte99 - 11.10.2015

Why don't you create just one timer in your gamemode?

Re: Calling a textdraw - Abagail - 11.10.2015

I don't really understand the question. CallRemoteFunction will attempt to call the public with the same name in any loaded scripts.

As long as it is a public function and is loaded, it should work.