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Texdraw simple question - bigboy81 - 04.08.2015

Is it possible to do more textdraws and mark them as one and to reconcile them all at once?

AW: Texdraw simple question - Kaliber - 04.08.2015

Yes just make the TextSize big enough

Re: Texdraw simple question - bigboy81 - 04.08.2015

I don't want that, i want make some hud as one textdraw, and all that hud move to another position.

Re: Texdraw simple question - Scenario - 04.08.2015

You want to be able to move the whole entire set of textdraws (in this case, a HUD) from one position to another? If so, then you're going to have to destroy the textdraws and re-create them at the new location. I don't believe there's a "MoveTextDraw()" function. However, I do believe someone has invented an include that does this. If you want it- search for it.