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Registry - AroseKhanNiazi - 24.04.2015

From the title you get to know that it's about registry system.
I want to some kind of idea/help in registering user account on forums as he registers on server.
Some kind of bot or script that works just as the player registers and it registers that account with same name and password to forums.

Re: Registry - Sellize - 24.04.2015

You could propably do this by using the same database for the forum & server?
I woudn't be able to give you an example though

Re: Registry - Abagail - 24.04.2015

What forum software do you use? You'll need to look into that forum software and see what processes go on during the initial creation of an account and perform similar matching queries when the player registers in-game.

Re: Registry - AroseKhanNiazi - 25.04.2015

Oh so mysql and then using the same data base to create similar queries.
Thanks both of you for idea i will sure give it a try, but before i need to change my game mode in mysql