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pressing F4 then /kill - MrViolence101 - 13.12.2014

Hey guys,

I have a problem in my script. When i connect to it , it lets me login or register. lets me choose my location then my skill. after i have spawned i can do anything but when i pressed F4 and then /kill it took me to where i must click spawn. i dont want it at all. I want the player to go into i kinda like spectating then choose his location and then his skill then he spawns again. Can anybody help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Re: pressing F4 then /kill - MrViolence101 - 13.12.2014


Re: pressing F4 then /kill - Ox1gEN - 13.12.2014

OnPlayerRequestClass is your answer, good luck.

THIS would also be quite useful to you I believe.