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Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - CyNiC - 12.08.2014



The Omni allows anyone to walk, run, and jump in within a 360-degree virtual world by leveraging natural movement. Affordable and compact, the Omni frees gamers from seated game play and unleashes the full potential of virtual reality gaming and entertainment.
The Omni can be used with any out-of-the-box PC game that uses keyboard input (as long as the Oculus Rift or other head-mounted display is supported). The Omni works best with first-person perspective games where players can walk around and enjoy the environment (such as Skyrim or Minecraft) or first person shooters.

How does the Omni work?

The Omni is a non-moving treadmill that consists of a low friction surface with radial grooves. The user wears specialized Omni shoes that have a low-friction, intricately configured sole that stabilizes the foot, allowing for a steady gait rather than having the foot slide from left to right. The purpose of the Omni shoe configuration is to mimic a natural gait. The Omni comes with a waist harness that provides safety and subtle support so the user is allowed to walk completely hands free, enabling other peripheral equipment to be held.
This seems a good way to overcome the sedentarism just playing.

Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - Kaperstone - 12.08.2014

Saw it when it was on Kickstater(?) back then.
( I remember they had a video explaining how this work, but not sure where )

I wonder people would jump in game when they release it ...

It's like you press a button and go forward or you actually jump.

Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - Kindred - 12.08.2014

Sehr gay.

Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - Danny - 12.08.2014

Things like this get me tired.

Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - toXioneer - 12.08.2014

I liked the idea at first, but then I realized how frustrated I get when I'm on threadmil... I'm more excited about PriorVR.

Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - NewerthRoleplay - 12.08.2014

I'm wondering how you'd do other movements such as crouching and jumping, because I don't think it would be too natural to be walking as you would in real life and then pressing a button to jump or crouch. It's a cool idea but I think it's more of a gimmick than something you'd use in your home; more like something you'd try out at a convention like one of those huge racing simulator rigs.

Also why didn't they just turn VOIP off in the game??

Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - saiberfun - 12.08.2014

That simply looks ripped off of a german project called the cyberith.
Not sure what was there first though.
The cyberith is in work publicy for a few years now.


Re: Virtuix Omni - (non-moving)treadmill for games - Mauzen - 12.08.2014

Thats pretty nice, but I doubt that its going to be successful. People dont want to live the game, but play it.

Ive worked on a VR project at university, and had access to a 3-wall VR cave, allowing 6 DOF movement tracking (position+rotation), and high resolution 3D imaging, so you indeed got a virtual room to move around in and interact with the environment. This actually was 90's technology, but still FAR more impressing than the Oculus devkit 1 (also had one of these there for other projects). The cave is outdated now however, and being replaced with todays technology. It might also get a module for infinite movement very similar to that virtuix one, id try it myself for sure then.