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Stunts Bonus - Sarra - 04.08.2014

Hi , when someone does an "Insane Stunt" gets some cash,
How do I disable that?

Respuesta: Stunts Bonus - EduGTA - 04.08.2014

Use EnableStuntBonusForAll.

pawn Код:
enable - 1 to enable the bonus, 0 to disable them.

This function can be placed in OnGameModeInit.

Code example:
pawn Код:
public OnGameModeInit()
    EnableStuntBonusForAll(0); //This will disable all stunt bonus.
    return 1;
EDIT: You can also use EnableStuntBonusForPlayer, which is the same, but it will only affect one player.

pawn Код:
EnableStuntBonusForAll(playerid, enable);
playerid - The player's ID that will be affected.
enable - 1 to enable stunt bonus for that player, or 0 to disable them.

Code example:
pawn Код:
public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
   EnableStuntBonusForPlayer(playerid, 0); // Disable stunt bonuses when the player connects to the server.

Re: Stunts Bonus - Sarra - 04.08.2014

I'll rep you as soon as I read this and apply it (a little busy atm)
thanks alot, works I'll rep+ you as soon as I can, gave too much reps today