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My textdraw will not show - Mikibey - 30.06.2012

So i've tried to make a textdraw,everything works right,here is the code:

new Text:Textdraw1;

public OnGameModeInit()
// Don't use these lines if it's a filterscript
SetGameModeText("Blank Script");
Textdraw1 = TextDrawCreate(476 ,451 , "Textdraw String");
TextDrawFont(Textdraw1 , 0);
TextDrawLetterSize(Textdraw1 , 0.6, 4.2);
TextDrawColor(Textdraw1 , 0x19fa0dFF);
TextDrawSetOutline(Textdraw1 , true);
TextDrawSetProportional(Textdraw1 , true);
TextDrawSetShadow(Textdraw1 , 255);
return 1;

and TextDrawShowForPlayer(playerid, Textdraw1); on player connect and i've tried adding it to the on player spawn too...
the problem is that my text will not show up and i dont know what is wrong, i get no error,no warning...clean code...

Re: My textdraw will not show - Mikibey - 30.06.2012

so?can anyone help me?

Re: My textdraw will not show - Dan.. - 30.06.2012

You can use TextDrawShowForAll() in OnGameModeInit(), but that's not useful, because that means it would show the textdraw for all online players in THAT moment (probably none). You need to add TextDrawShowForPlayer in OnPlayerConnect.

EDIT: Lol, that coordinates are outside the screen. (Textdraw1 = TextDrawCreate(476 ,451 , "Textdraw String")