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::BUD:: RegisterDate / IP does not work! - nGen.SoNNy - 07.04.2012

Hi! I want to make a new server using BUD but the rDate and Adress does not write in the database I have another server and this work ! Please give me some ideas! In my register dialog i have:

pawn Код:
if(dialogid == RegisterDialog)
                if (strlen(inputtext) < 4 || strlen(inputtext) > 20)
                new rstring[256];
                format(rstring,256,""W"Sorry "YE"%s\n\n"W"The length of your password should contain more \nthan 3 characters and less than 20 characters! \n\n Please, re-enter the Password:",PlayerName2(playerid));
                return ShowPlayerDialog(playerid,RegisterDialog,DIALOG_STYLE_PASSWORD,""W"Location:"G" Register Account",rstring,"(Register)","(Quit)");
                new strdate[128], year, month, day, userid;
                getdate(year, month, day);
                format(strdate, sizeof(strdate), "%d/%d/%d",day,month,year);
                BUD::RegisterName( PlayerName2(playerid), inputtext );
                userid = BUD::GetNameUID( PlayerName2(playerid) );
                //Register Player
                BUD::MultiSet( userid, "ssiiiiii",
                 "Adress", GetPlayerIPEx(playerid),
                 "rDate", strdate,
                 "Score", iScore,
                 "Ore", iHours,
                 "Min", iMin,
                 "Sec", iSec,
                 "Admin", iAdmin,
                 "DriftPoints", iDriftP);
                // (Give a shit:-) )
                AccInfo[playerid][Logged] = true;
                AccInfo[playerid][Score] = iScore;
                AccInfo[playerid][Hours] = iHours;
                AccInfo[playerid][Min] = iMin;
                AccInfo[playerid][Sec] = iSec;
                AccInfo[playerid][Admin] = iAdmin;
                AccInfo[playerid][DriftPoints] = iDriftP;
                // (Info Player)
                Info(playerid,"You are now ~r~~h~Registered ~w~and ~g~~h~Logged In~w~! (~p~~h~/~b~~h~stats~w~)");
The stocks:
pawn Код:
stock PlayerName2(playerid) {
  new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];
  GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));
  return name;
stock GetPlayerIPEx(playerid){
    new IP[24];
    GetPlayerIp(playerid, IP, 24);
    return IP;