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Scripting language. - ELITEGAMER - 10.02.2012

So, I asked a friend, randomly, that I want to learn scripting, so I can script for the server I play. He inquired me that I should learn c++ language, for basics, and observe a script, by downloading it from samp forums. So, is the c++ language that is used in pawno for samp scripting?

Re: Scripting language. - Hoborific - 10.02.2012

For a SA-MP server, you only need to learn PAWN, for coding plugins for a SA-MP Server or shit like that, then you'll need to learn C++

Re: Scripting language. - KingHual - 10.02.2012

If you want to learn PAWN, this is where you should start from - and later on, for more advanced tutorials -