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Volt Host HElp - RBTDM - 30.01.2012

Is it Possible to change location of server in volt host. now i have us. i need to change because its lag , so is it possible to change?
i just bought just before

Re: Volt Host HElp - RBTDM - 30.01.2012

Anyone please help...

Re: Volt Host HElp - Silentfood - 30.01.2012

Send a support ticket in, and I'm sure they'll migrate it for you.

Re: Volt Host HElp - N0FeaR - 31.01.2012

Wrong place. ask this on volt-host.

Re: Volt Host HElp - Guest9328472398472 - 31.01.2012

There should be a option I believe in the control panel where you can..if support.