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Arghh you... Error - iNorton - 23.10.2011

Hai! I got this error when I have added
pawn Код:
new bool:
aka trying to ad OOC into the server and I get this error

pawn Код:
error 001: expected token: ";", but found "new"
and this is what causes the problem aka line 472

pawn Код:
// ------[ OTHER VARS ] ------
    new query[2048]; // We can reuse this instead of creating multiple queries, SA-MP is single threaded.
// ---------------------------

Re: Arghh you... Error - Wesley221 - 23.10.2011

pawn Код:
new bool:
        ooc; // you forgot the ';'

Re: Arghh you... Error - iNorton - 23.10.2011

Such a litte thing makes a big mess heh.

Thanks a lot mate I didn't even noticed that there is no ; in there xD

Re: Arghh you... Error - Sinner - 23.10.2011

expected token: ";"
Read... It usually means something.