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CarSystem1.6 - Mark Edisson - 10.09.2011

Version 1.6


I'm sorry I do not speak English are translated by ******

The system is completely redone from the beginning to the end that it new
* Full optimization of all actions
* No timers
* Removed all the great cycles of testing (leaving only when necessary to check all cars)
* Rewritten the system auto shopping
* Rewritten the system auto sales
* Ability to edit the / text script
* Include auto engine in a 2

About commands
/ Sellcar - to sell a car in parking lot or car salesman sells a catalog of over the counter
/ Respawnbuycar - Make spawn purchased cars (change the command for admin)
/ Delbuycar - Remove bought cars (change the command for admin)
/ Lock - open / close
/ Park - Create a place to spawn auto restart case

Set percentages for the purchase of parking
to establish the interest there is in him ParkingProcent.txt file and edit the interest of buying and selling cars on different floors of parking

To edit the text in skrite
To edit the text in the script file is created Language.txt containing all the text of the script

RUS Language
ENG Language

Re: CarSystem1.6 - Misha_Konsta - 10.09.2011

Скажу сразу, на депозите нихрена не заработаешь , прочитай тарифы, размер архива/файла должен быть более 5 мб.

Это на заметку )

Re: CarSystem1.6 - Mark Edisson - 10.09.2011

Почему у тебя при виде ссылки депозита сразу ассоциация с заработком на нем ?

Re: CarSystem1.6 - Speed - 10.09.2011

only language here is English

btw n1 car system

Re: CarSystem1.6 - Ricop522 - 10.09.2011

Please, only english.
hmm cool !

Re: CarSystem1.6 - 26_RUSSS - 11.09.2011

Misha_Konsta - он не для этого сюда выложил не тупи он просто сделал свою работу и хочет поделится со всеми)

Re: CarSystem1.6 - Zonoya - 11.09.2011

only the AMX not the PWN u need PWN AND AMX