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uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 19.06.2011


i cant use my mouse in SAMP...

AW: uhm!?What - Gomma - 19.06.2011

Maybe your controles are setted for a gamepad? Just check out the controll settings.
It should say "Mouse + Keyboard".

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 19.06.2011

i have "mouse + keyboard"


Check Your Config :) - Jack_Rocker - 19.06.2011

Check the configuration in the options menu

Re: uhm!?What - [DK]JaloNik - 20.06.2011

Can you use it in singleplayer?

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 23.09.2011


Re: uhm!?What - jotan. - 23.09.2011

hmm..Had this issue..
Use esc ingame,then use keyboard to go in options,go to controller setings,change it to joypad and after 5 seconds back to mouse + keyboard...
Should work,try

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 24.09.2011

didn't work D:

- [TW]Flix - 24.09.2011

plz help, i cant use any of my mouses and i heaven't play samp in 3 mounths,.. D:

1) SA-MP version: SAMP 0.3c R3
2) Windows version: Windows XP
3) Video card type: Dont Know
4) IP:Port (if any) of the server you are trying to play on: all servers
5) If you are crashing, paste the crash report in your post and say when the crash occurs: -
6) If you are crashing loading SA-MP, please say whether GTA:SA single player works (test it): -
7) Do you have any other GTA:SA mods installed? e.g. new vehicles: nothing installed

Re: uhm!?What - Jack_Rocker - 04.11.2011

Probbably a software failure then, try re-installing the mouse software...

Re: uhm!?What - SchurmanCQC - 04.11.2011

Originally Posted by Jack_Rocker
Посмотреть сообщение
Probbably a software failure then, try re-installing the mouse software...
He said that it works in single player and it works out of game...

Re : uhm!?What - Habdel - 05.11.2011

unistall gta sa & install it again & delete gta_sa.set from C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files
if it doesnt work try to press ESC many times till it works, i have it sometimes i just press ESC some times and it works

Re: uhm!?What - Kingunit - 05.11.2011

Deleting gta_sa.set will set all your settings back, so that will probably work.

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 06.11.2011

i have reinstalled the game 6 time today.. and samp -.- and i've tryed to delete gta_sa.set and non of them work D:

but keep pressing ESC heaven't i tryed jet, gonna test it out

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 24.11.2011

help? -.-

Re: uhm!?What - AleXandeR[SRB] - 24.11.2011

Try another mouse? Maybe different type of mouse will work?
Give us more info.

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 26.11.2011

ok, i have 3 mouses... and no one work anymore D:

i have tryed everything to fix it, but it doesn't work

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 03.12.2011

0.3d doesn't work either

Re: uhm!?What - dugi - 03.12.2011

Try updating your video card drivers.

Re: uhm!?What - [TW]Flix - 09.12.2011

how :O