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/save makes no file! - Fish - 15.04.2010


I tried to use /save to save a some co-ordinate's.

When I switched to GTA:SA folder, it did not give me a savedpositions.txt .

I've searched, cant find it,

Please help?

Re: /save makes no file! - Matthew_Johnston - 16.04.2010

Hey Mate, If youre running Vista, Youre Basicly Fucked, UNLESS You do What I Did,
Which I Cant Remember Sorry,
But the Bottom line is, is that Vista Stores it in a Seperate Folder, Wich is youre Virtual Store. I Have forgotten how to access this But, you need to enable something in the control panel, wich then allows you too see these folders, In Virtual Store you can see Program Files, then Rockstar Games > San andreas > Youre Savepositions.txt

Sorry I Forgot Everything, You Should ****** "Virtual Store"

Re: /save makes no file! - dugi - 16.04.2010

Re: /save makes no file! - DiDok - 16.04.2010

Turn off UAC, it's useless OR
Run SA:MP as Administrator OR